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Imperial,Tiny Type, tea cup, Shih Tzu Breeder in Washington State
Little Loves Imperial Shih Tzu
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Upcoming Litters

If you are interested in a puppy, please contact us to get on our litter announcement emailing list!
As always, breeder has the right to first pick of the litter.
First on the list will have the opportunity to pick a puppy, 
then the next person and so on...
Once you have picked your puppy, a deposit will be required.
We also reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone we see unfit at anytime.

~Planned Breeding's~
Wee are expecting.....
Dottie and Snicklefritz babies early February 2019
Lacey and Gus April 2019
Lolly and Gus May 2019
Kizzie and ??
Minky and ...? this will be Minks last litter
A Puppy's Prayer

Now I lay me down to sleep The king-size bed is soft and deep. 
I sleep right in the center groove, my human being can hardly move! 
I've trapped her legs, she's tucked in tight. and here is where I pass the night. 
No one disturbs me or dares intrude, 'til morning comes and "I want food!" 
I sneak up slowly to begin, my nibbles on my human's chin. 
She wakes up quickly, I have sharp teeth- 
I'm a puppy, don't you see? For the morning's here and it's time to play, 
I always seem to get my way. So thank you so much for giving me 
This human person that I see. The one who hugs and holds me tight, 
and shares her bed with me at night! 

Author Unknown